Over 90% of cyber attacks are caused by information from leaked emails

Our unique electronic signing experience encrypts sensitive documents and protects contents

Your Information is Protected

GetSignature pioneered the protection of signed documents using our Patent Pending (AU2020901574), Document Protection Technology.

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Signatures are Legally Binding

GetSignature is a world-wide legally binding eSignature solution and is in compliance with legislation such as GDPR, NDB and CPS 234.

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Your Documents are Safe

Built from the ground up as a cloud native Electronic Signature solution on AWS (Amazon Web Services), GetSignature is highly scalable, affordable & green product.

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Cyber Criminals can access unprotected documents

Your documents are not as secure with other solutions

Built to protect you, your customers, your partners & your staff.

Cyber Criminals can access unprotected documents

A unique signing experience

  • As the requester, elect whether document encryption is enabled
  • NO ATTACHMENTS are sent with signing requests unless they are encrypted
  • Create your GetSignature Document Protection Password as required
  • Build your personalised e-signature
  • Sign document
  • Encrypted document is returned when sign process is complete

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Frequently Asked Questions around Document Security

How is GetSignature Different?

GetSignature is all about helping you work well virtually. You can get approvals and signoffs with simplicity, speed and security. We automate data protection and encryption for you. GetSignature pioneered the mandatory protection of all signed documents. We use our patent pending (AU2020901574), document protection technology to keep your agreements private. We exceed e-signature functionality provided by all competitors. We use military grade encryption with automatic key management. Our advanced features help streamline e-signature document workflows. We also plant trees with every subscription to ensure that your business is green with us.

Why do you say that email is not safe?

People believe email to be private between them and the recipient, but in reality, the contents of your email are just plain text and can be easily read during its transmission. Unless the message and attachments are encrypted, they are not safe from prying eyes. This is more important when you are sending copies of documents with your personal information or signatures.

What is a Document Protection Passphrase?

This is a secret sentence you setup. This helps you protect your personal information and your signature. It works such that only you can use it to open your documents that are encrypted by us for you.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes. We store all your data locally to you. All data we hold is secured at multiple levels. All your communications with our systems are protected by encryption. Documents are sent using secure encrypted links. All PDF Documents are encrypted with your very own Document Protection Password. No data is disclosed to other parties. We leverage AWS cryptographic services that comply with a wide range of cryptographic security standards and quality regimes. AES is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the NSA for protecting top secret information. We use AES-256 in our encryption.

Where do you store my data?

All users have a storage limit. We use the local regions of the AWS cloud to host our services and store your data. GetSignature is an Australian innovation. We compete with some huge companies in this space. We promote cybersecurity best practices in the interest of everyone.

Why do you use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

We urge that you setup MFA. This new decade is more dangerous than the last one with increasing number of cyber identity fraud events occurring on a daily basis. MFA ensures that it is actually you that is using your login credentails to access GetSignature. MFA uses multiple chanells such as SMS, email, Authenticator apps and other methods to ensure that it is you that is using our service and not someone else.