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GetSignature Electronic Signature Customer Onboarding


Optimise your CX
Automatically send NDAs, Credit Applications, Contracts

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GetSignature Electronic Signature Sales Contracts


Never miss an Opportunity
Automatically send Quotes, Credit Applications, Contracts

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GetSignature Electronic Signature Onboarding


Optimise your EX
Automatically send Offers, Contracts, Requisitions

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Is getting documents signed expensive and slowing you down?

Claim back time and money with a better Electronic Signature solution

Keep things moving

Getting signatures or reviews the traditional way is a manual, tedious and expensive process. Being able to trigger the review and/or signing of a legally binding document from business systems is powerful.

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Be Organised

Document management is made easy from preparation through to tracking and auditing, by intelligent consolidation of locally-stored and cloud-based artefacts.

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Protect Your Information

Documents are never sent via email until fully executed. Documents sent via email can be encrypted and password protected with each individual's unique Document Protection Password.

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GetSignature Electronic Signing

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Frequently Asked Questions around eSignature Integration

Is it free for me to sign a document?

Yes. Anyone can sign a signing request for free of charge. Anyone who receives a GetSignature request can complete it without creating a GetSignature account or a paid subscription. Setting up an account with us will give you even more benefits.

Are the signatures obtained legally binding?

Yes. All signing requests completed using GetSignature are legally binding. According to Australian and international law, electronic signatures are a valid way of executing agreements. All our users give consent to receive information electronically, and sign them electronically as valid and legally binding signatures. We help the signer clearly identify the sender by providing profile information at the time of signing. We automatically include an audit trail and digitally encrypt the signing request on completion. This enables you to independently verify and provide court admissible extended proof to anyone who may request it without you having to come to us.

What document formats can be signed by GetSignature?

Documents such as Microsoft Word and PDF are currently supported by us. We are working hard to support formats such as excel, powerpoint, image files and more. You can upload documents from your computer, company file shares, document management systems sush as SharePoint and popular cloud sites like Box, Dropbox and OneDrive. We encrypt everything for your safety.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes. We store all your data locally to you. All data we hold is secured at multiple levels. All your communications with our systems are protected by encryption. Documents are sent using secure encrypted links. All PDF Documents are encrypted with your very own Document Protection Password. No data is disclosed to other parties. We leverage AWS cryptographic services that comply with a wide range of cryptographic security standards and quality regimes. AES is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the NSA for protecting top secret information. We use AES-256 in our encryption.

Where do you store my data?

All users have a storage limit. We use the local regions of the AWS cloud to host our services and store your data. GetSignature is an Australian innovation. We compete with some huge companies in this space. We promote cybersecurity best practices in the interest of everyone.

Do you integrate with other business systems?

We have identity, workflow, payments, file & data integrations being developed to help you work with Salesforce, SAP, Hubspot and many other systems. We already connect with popular products our users use such as Zapier, Dropbox, Office365, Box and Google.