Enterprise-grade on-premise electronic signatures

If cloud isn't suitable, GetSignature on-premise might just be the right fit

GetSignature On Premise Advantages

On-Premise Advantages

  •  Control the environment
  •  Control your data
  •  White label branding
  •  Tailored user experience
GetSignature On Premise Solution

Our Solution

  •  All cloud features included
  •  100% Standalone
  •  Vertical scaling
  •  Documents are encrypted
GetSignature Commitment

Our Commitment

  •  Dedicated account manager
  •  Enterprise support
  •  Latest technology stacks
  •  Regular VM Updates

GetSignature On-Premise Architecture

GetSignature's Electronic Signature service is architected with microservices for reliability

GetSignature Electronic Signature On_Premise Architecture

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Frequently Asked Questions around GetSignature On Premise

How do we scale up GetSignature On-Premise?

  1. Scale up by adding CPU and RAM to existing VM (supported by GetSignature Enterprise Support).
  2. Scale out by adding additional VMs (requires additional licenses).

Data protection - what's in place to protect data

  1. The VM is hardened. Only required services and ports are opened.
  2. Web and database tiers are separated internally.
  3. Database level encryption.

How do we backup GetSignature (e.g. DB backup, file backup, etc)?

  1. VM and configuration backup for the app.
  2. Backup data volume (for data backup).

Are the signatures obtained legally binding?

Yes. All signing requests completed using GetSignature are legally binding. According to Australian and international law, electronic signatures are a valid way of executing agreements. All our users give consent to receive information electronically, and sign them electronically as valid and legally binding signatures. We help the signer clearly identify the sender by providing profile information at the time of signing. We automatically include an audit trail and digitally encrypt the signing request on completion. This enables you to independently verify and provide court admissible extended proof to anyone who may request it without you having to come to us.

Are you GDPR Compliant?

We are committed to being compliant with GDPR. You can confidently use GetSignature knowing that we abide by GDPR principles. We also comply with Australian privacy principles and the NDB regulations. User documents and personal information is encrypted and accessible only by the user. We encrypt critical system databases. All systems limits access to any personal information and ensure all sensitive data is encrypted at rest and during transit.