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Melbourne firm unleashes patent pending cyber secure signature solution to green the world

  December 2020

jeylabs launched their e-signature solution called GetSignature in March 2020 with a focus on helping people and businesses work well virtually during COVID.

With the surge in working from home, GetSignature aims to crack the local market of businesses and consumers looking for an easy electronic signature solution that is trustworthy and cost effective.

Offered as a monthly subscription, this patent pending technology also uses military grade encryption to keep your signature and documents safe from prying eyes on the internet.

No more printing, scanning and chasing signatures. GetSignature is not only helping you save paper, time, energy and money but also help you green the planet. They do this so uniquely with their partnership with one tree They have just planted their first 200 trees in Australia through this partnership. Company CEO, Jey Srikantha said that they are committed to plant trees with every subscription.

"Document eSignature solutions have been around for a while but are traditionally expensive and fundamentally flawed from a security perspective. GetSignature, an Australian innovation, has taken a different approach to getting your documents securely signed with patent-pending document protection technology."

GetSignature is all about making security seamless and easy to practice. Focus on usability also helped win enterprise deals. jeylabs has signed major multi-year on-prem deal with a construction business to deliver digital signatures for invoice processing at scale.

Many customers have already benefited from deploying GetSignature. The Rent Roll Broker, recently committed to deploying GetSignature to their web application automating their sales agreement sign-offs.

“We recently moved to GetSignature after some time with a "leading" solution. It has document encryption and is so much more secure. We love that it is an Aussie product, so the money stays here. Give it a go.”

GetSignature is available for free trials at

Founded in 2009, jeylabs is the 14th fast growing software businesses in Australia, recognised by CRN in Nov 2019. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to give people their time back.

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